What we Pack

Whether you are vacationing for two weeks, two months or longer you’ll need to pack certain “must-have” items.  Having what you want and need will make all the difference to your trip.

Some items may be available at your rental accommodation or purchased upon  arrival.  Other items you require can be brought from home.  The key is to prioritize your list to suit your needs, hobbies and interests, keeping in mind your destination and length of stay. Considering luggage size and weight restrictions, pack what is essential to ensure a great trip and leave behind things you can live without.

The following is a comprehensive list we consult when packing for our next destination. To make it easy, we’ve added links to specific gadgets we use ourselves and are best to pack. Many are convenient, light weight travel sizes, all are our favorites.

Why take up weight with a heavy suitcase?  Osprey brand is tough, durable and extremely light luggage.

First aid kit

Oral thermometer

Ibuprofen or other pain reliever

Antiseptic, anti-fungal cream

Eye/ear drops

Antacid, gas tablets, Imodium


Anti-itch and anti-histamine

Cold and flu tablets


Vitamins and supplements

Prescription medication

General all-purpose antibiotic

Tea tree oil

Aloe Vera gel, burn cream


Surface Pro tablet and laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse

Portable surge protector with USB ports

Portable phone or headset with microphone and ear piece for internet calling

Unlocked cell phone

Bluetooth BOSE mini stereo with charger

USB Thumb drives

Weather proof underwater camera

GoPro and chargers, extra SD cards

Cables for hooking a PC to the HDMI on the TV port

Extension cord for working outside on PC’s

Ear buds, noise cancelling headphones


iPad mini, I touch and chargers

DVD movies or transfer content onto our devices

car charger for devices

Her Toiletries

Dental necessities

Face wash and creams in plastic tubes

Face sunscreen

Green tea blotting sheets 

Favorite make up including water proof mascara

Make up remover

Lightweight manicure set



Folding lint brush

Hair spray – travel size

Hair accessories

Clothing stain remover stick

Diva cup 

His Toiletries

Cologne, dental floss

Electric shaver and charger

Razors, nose and body hair trimmers

Jack’s Luggage

The Osprey 36″ Shuttle Luggage

The Osprey 28″ Sojourn Luggage

The Osprey 22″ Carry On Luggage

The Osprey Daylite Backpack

Sport and Entertainment

Playing cards, cribbage board, 11″ backgammon, Farkle

Floating Sunglass straps, cloth carry case that doubles as lens cleaner

Synthetic golf gloves

Skipping rope

Stretch Exercise Bands

Exercise Sliders

Ting Dong (Israeli Beach Racquet Matkot Paddles + Balls)


Waboba, the ball that bounces on water


Steiner Binoculars


Nylon, dri-fit baseball caps

Baseball hat clip on to attach to shirt

Water ear plugs and goggles

Masks, snorkels, fins and clear mask drops

Mesh bag

Wet suits, rash guards (water shirts)

Water shoes

Beach bag

Off! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent

Miscellaneous Items

Queen size Pillow (at just 1.6 pounds it comes stuffed in a tube for easy packing. It expands perfectly and inhibits the growth of allergens)

Drinking water purification

Emergency Radio


Beer cozies

Wine aerator

Plastic thumb wine glasses

Stainless steel chopsticks

Coffee bean grinder 

Freezer bags in different sizes

Elastic bands in different sizes and bag clips

Portable knife sharpener

S’well water bottle

Pen, pencil, highlighter, sharpie

Some string

Magnifying glass

Roll of electrical tape


Keychain with LED light

Night light

Carabiners for back pack or bag

A few AA and AAA batteries

Travel umbrella

Spectacles/eyeglass screwdriver

Swiss army knife

Leatherman multi-tool

Tire pressure gauge

Mini tubes of Instant Krazy Glue

Sewing kit – travel size

Eye sleeping mask and ear plugs

Small thank you cards

That should about do it! If you think of anything else you will need write it down.  

Making a list of what to pack is extremely helpful.  You can check off what you’ve packed and keep track of what you still need.  Each destination will be different, alter your lists to suit climate and availability of items.

Happy packing!                   

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