Vacation Experts

Vacation experts, Jack and Carrie, have merged a conventional lifestyle with a nomadic twist teeming with excitement and adventure.

Escaping winter for a perpetual summer they are best described as seasonal nomads. In their book, Another Cocktail Please, they offer their wealth of expertise with all would-be travelers, whether your vacation is for two weeks, two months, or longer.

The Vacation Experts of How To Live an Exotic Life

From their many years of on-the-ground experience Jack and Carrie guide others through all stages from planning a new and exciting vacation, to execution and beyond.  Find inspiration and embrace a new way of life in Another Cocktail Please.

Personal stories are interspersed with practical checklists, such as necessary documents and insurances, essentials to pack, and questions one should ask about accommodations before committing. Useful tips include negotiating rates, staying on budget, learning different customs, and immersing oneself in new and interesting surroundings.

Jack and Carrie expert vacationers living an exotic lifestyle

Jack and Carrie are proof that living an exotic life of travel is attainable, even when on a budget. Past residences have included a beach-side condo with private rooftop pool, a three-bedroom golf villa, and oceanfront private villas with full staff in exotic destinations such as the South Pacific, Central America and various islands throughout the Caribbean.

Would you like to learn more about how you can achieve this exotic lifestyle of long term vacationing? Check out Another Cocktail Please.

We feel our guide book contains all the tips and advice you will need to plan your perfect long term vacation.  However, should you need us, we are here for you.

Vacation Home Consulting Services

Given his vast experience successfully locating and securing ideal vacation homes, Jack offers the following consulting services:

  • advice on where in the world to begin your search based on your interests, preferences and budget
  • his review and perception of a property you are considering
  • preview and advice on the rental property/lease contract
  • on-the-ground inspection of potential properties
  • keys to successful negotiating
  • locating, communicating, negotiating and securing a rental on your behalf
  • and, if you haven’t read the book he can help you get started and provide step-by-step instruction
  • Organized
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced

Managing and operating our business from elsewhere in the world and planning extended vacations (5 to 6 months long) requires a great deal of organization!

Having worked in the luxury, waterfront, vacation home real estate business for over 24 years,  Jack has acquired a wealth of knowledge about property attributes and negotiating contracts!

Heading into Jacks 11th (Carries 9th) full winter away from home, we have lived in many exotic, international destinations around the world.  We have a vast amount of experience finding, securing and living in fabulous luxury accommodations such as Villa Vista Bleu in the USVI’s.

For more information or to request a consultation email directly –

Jack and Carrie Vacation Experts Another Cocktail Please

Jack and Carrie value their readers and welcome your comments.  Use the form below to get in touch or share your own experiences of travel and adventure.