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Testimonials, endorsements and ‘praises for’ are rolling in for Another Cocktail Please. Now that the book is published – we would love to hear your comments.

Testimonial from Author & TV Show Host

“I love this book! And you will too if you are planning to break away from the crowd and spend a few months abroad, whether fleeing winter or just in need of some “away time”. Jack and Carrie write with an engaging, easy style, showing a dedication to saving you time, allowing you to maximize enjoyment of your trip without scraping your knees in the learning process. They’ve done it for you! Their humour, friendliness, fabulous lists and excellent advice mean your escape can be worry-free with maximum enjoyment. Planning to throw caution to the wind and take that adventure trip you always wanted? Now’s the time to do it, with Jack and Carrie at your elbow and a relaxing end-of-day cocktail not far away. Cheers you two, and thanks for this wonderfully resourceful book.”  — Peter Jennings, author, TV show host. PeterJennings.me

Endorsement from Award Winning Travel Blogger

“A detailed and practical guide laced with great stories from the authors’ experiences. It’s laser focused on helping would-be travelers navigate the often confusing task of long-term rentals overseas. The book is structured to guide you through the process, providing practical advice learned from their own years of experience in the process. Any time there’s a potential place for glitches, they point it out and offer advice on clarifying and avoiding these areas. It’s clear, thorough, and an immensely helpful resource for those looking to set up a base for months out of every year.”  — Shannon O’Donnell, author, speaker, award winning travel blogger. ALittleAdrift.com

Testimonial from Authors - Gyspy Nesters

“Jack and Carrie have made an art out of snowbirding. In Another Cocktail Please they share their expertise in escaping the harsh Canadian winters for warmer climates. Of course they cover the big stuff such as choosing a destination and finding a long term rental, health insurance, bank cards, and using your phone, but through their years of experience they have also learned to look for things most of us would never think of, like backing up your computer files, or finding your medication in a foreign land, or will you need to bring towels and bedding to your little slice of paradise?

This is the ultimate resource for anyone looking at long term travel, covering the home you are leaving behind and the home you are headed for. There are tips on ways to assimilate into your new temporary home, avoiding almost every headache that could arise, and even how to make a perfect Margarita. Handy check lists and helpful websites are included to make sure you don’t forget anything as you follow in their footsteps to becoming seasonal nomads.” – David and Veronica James authors of  Going Gypsy.

Testimonial from Author

“I really loved reading this book! We aspire to travel the world and share our message,so I am grateful to learn so many little tips; what to do, what not to do, how to be safe and really enjoy every adventure and immerse yourself in the culture of every place you travel. Most important for me was to read about the incredible places Jack and Carrie traveled and to know that this kind of amazing lifestyle is truly possible. I love the line, “We have been brave enough to step outside the box and exist free in the way that we want to.” I LOVE that. I want to be brave and step outside the box. Thank you so much, Jack and Carrie, for helping me to see that it is possible and for providing a great guide for the journey!”  Yvonne Heath author of  Love Your Life to Death.

Testimonial from Permanent Traveller & Author

“Reading this book is like spending a few hours over icy margaritas with new-found friends. Jack and Carrie delight, entertain and educate with an informative description of their amazing lifestyle. This is an inspiring book that will give you serious food for thought about how you live your life, and the world of possibilities available to you.”  — Ian Usher, permanent traveller, author and co-publisher of House Sitting – the Ultimate Lifestyle Magazine. IanUsher.com

Testimonial from Writer-Blogger

“Straightforward, practical advice on how to become seasonal nomads – with entertaining tales of Jack’s traveling experiences, plus exotic recipes that will surely kickstart your own longing for adventure.”— Audrey van Petegem, contributor Huffington Post

Testimonial from Veteran Nomadic Traveller

“A Nomadic Bible. Don’t leave home without it! I have traveled extensively and would be considered a nomadic traveler. Yet I have learnt so much from this informative read. Highly recommended. Extremely well put together and enjoyable at the same time. I wish this book was around when I started my travels 15 years ago. It would have saved me a few mishaps”— J.M. Wilkinson, nomadic traveller

Testimonial from Avid Traveller

“I really liked the detail in the book. Every question I had was answered throughout. The Traveller’s Scratch Pad was a handy feature as it provided me with an opportunity to solidify my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget them. The Appendix was also helpful for finding more information and so easy for further exploration as the sites were right at my finger tips.
The book is a must read for those who want to break out of routine travel and explore in a way that is creative, economical, adventurous and flexible. Well done!”  — Judy Massey, Ed.D., M.A., avid traveller. 

Testimonial from Avid Traveller

“As an avid traveller in retirement, I found “The Essential Guide” to be a comprehensive, knowledgeable and well thought out resource for what it takes to plan and execute an extended trip, to pretty much anywhere on the planet. I really appreciate all the description, detail and links to online sites that are truly helpful. All in all, this guide is a recipe book for lifestyle and travel, well done! ”  — Chris Wallace, avid traveller. 

Endorsement From Librarian, Author

“Carrie and Jack are living proof that you do not have to be rich to live exotically. Their amazing new book shows how any of us can live a more adventurous lifestyle, with a bit of planning and financial reorganization… They have lived this way for over seven years, gathering a storehouse of detailed instructions and information. In this book they share this treasure trove with you…”  — Laura Lee Carter, librarian, author, psychotherapist. 

Testimonial from Luxury Property Rental Agency

“Jack and Carrie have clearly created a pathway for travellers to have an exotic way of living that is exciting and adventurous. Their guide takes out much of the guesswork and is a fun read of how this couple gallivant from place to place. I love their stories and find myself fantasizing when I can pick up their approach to this unusual luxury-based transient lifestyle.” —Jayne McCaw, Owner of Jayne’s Cottages, Luxury Muskoka Rentals.

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