Surviving Long Haul Flights

Flights – and how to survive them!

You’re excited to jump on the plane and arrive at your next adventure. Then you ponder the lengthy flight (or flights) to get there. It’s not necessarily the cost of the transit, it’s the time in the air and the thought of sitting in the same spot for hours. And that’s not even mentioning the unexciting (and on some flights questionable) meals you’ll be served.

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Nomads of the Seasonal Variety

Seasonal Nomads – Jack and Carrie – blog about how to live an exotic lifestyle

As nomads sharing our experiences, knowledge, tips and advice, in our book and now in our blog, we hope to assist you in planning your perfect vacation. And perhaps provide some inspiration that will generate conversation between you and your travel partner.

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Preparing to Leave Exotic Fiji

Preparing to Leave Exotic Fiji

Two more sleeps in this exotic land and we board Air Fiji heading to Los Angeles.  We will spend a night in LA visiting friends before heading home.  I’m bracing myself already for the change in temperature and have the air conditioning cranked up to acclimatize myself back to reality.

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