Preparing to Leave Exotic Fiji

Preparing to Leave Exotic Fiji

Two more sleeps in this exotic land and we board Air Fiji heading to Los Angeles.  We will spend a night in LA visiting friends before heading home.  I’m bracing myself already for the change in temperature and have the air conditioning cranked up to acclimatize myself back to reality.

Brace myself, I must.  We’ve been living in this tropical island paradise for the past five and half months.  With vacations from our vacation throughout this time.  Allow me to elaborate.

My husband Jack, and I, leave our cottage in Canada usually near the end of October for an exciting, new destination every winter. This winter we’ve been staying in a gorgeous, fully staffed, ocean front villa.

Normally a very handsome nightly rental rate for such 5 star luxury, the owner, like many others, simply wanted someone to care for his holiday home so we covered his costs during our stay. We’ve made this our home and have cared for it as own, the whole while immersing ourselves in the local culture of this beautiful land.

luxury vacation home exotic south pacific

There was one catch to this mutually beneficial arrangement.  The owner already had another renter booked for one week over the Christmas holidays.  No worries, a typical island statement, we used this as an opportunity to explore some of Fiji’s other islands – of which there are 320.

In true nomad fashion Jack arranged our side trip and we spent nine awesome days sea plane hopping from the hub of Nadi, to Malolo Lailai Island in the Mamanuca chain. We were picked up from the beach out front of our resort a few days later and carried north to the Yasawas, to the island of Yageta (pronounced yan-get-a). Here we met wonderful new friends and Jack spotted three dragon-faced pipefish.  We boated to a neighbouring island where we were greeted once again by our pilot who swooped us back to the main island of Viti Levu. We then spent New Year’s Eve at a colonial hotel, The Grand Pacific, in the capital city of Suva before making our way back to our temporary abode.

Although we loved our adventure, the staff of Villa la Jolla welcomed us home with open arms. We settled in very comfortably until Winston blew through a few months later. The worst category 5 cyclone to ever hit land in the South Pacific.

We took great care in prepping the villa before splitting to stay with friends in Coatesville, New Zealand.  I must admit, I considered myself a traitor for leaving what feels like home to me.  However, as we should with every event, we looked at this as an opportunity to see some sights on the North Island.  I was not disappointed.

New Zealand exotic vacation

Although Jack had been there many moons ago, New Zealand had been on my bucket list for quite some time. Our friends were gracious and we spent many fun filled days and nights, hmm and the Waiheke Island wine tour was a nice touch too.

Do you want to know the funny part?  Friends from ‘our neck of the woods’ back home just happened to be in Auckland at the same time. We met up with them for dinner in Rotarua, an evening together that we’d been trying to have for three years– and we had it on another continent.

Back at the Fiji villa, it’s now our second last night in paradise. We are meeting up with other new friends, two couples. One from New Zealand and one couple from North Carolina, U.S.A. Both living here in exotic Fiji, they’ve shown us an incredible time and couldn’t have asked for better neighbours. Tomorrow we will have our ‘last supper’ with dear friends from Ireland, whom we met here last year.

While we are both sad to leave Fiji, we are looking forward to returning to our gorgeous little spot on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka before heading to our next exotic locale this coming winter.

Moce for now and Vinaka Vaka Levu!

Bye for now and Thank You Very Much for reading!


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