HAPPY MATTERS Discover How The Power of Joy Will Energize Your Life

Happy does matter. And my new favorite book Why Being Happy Matters makes me … happy!

In general, I consider myself a very contented, joyful person. But we all have moments. And no matter how high on the happiness scale we think we are, I believe there is always room for improvement.

Our summers are usually so busy, I don’t have (take) the time to read for pleasure. When I do take the time I prefer books with depth and meaning. Voila! I found one. And I very much enjoyed every second spent.

Who doesn’t want to…Smile more? Laugh louder? Feel good?

I had set aside some time today to work on marketing and promoting our guide book. Although selling more books would feel good. I’ll get to that – mañana! Today I’m doing what feels right.

peter jennings happy matters travel lifestyleMeet Author Peter Jennings. Not only does Peter look the part, he has masterfully pieced together this puzzle called happiness.

With his 5 years of heart felt research plus 37 interviews from around the globe.  I literally had that “light-bulb moment” with every page I turned.happy

The past two Canadian winters Jack and I were fortunate enough to visit the Republic of Fiji. A beautiful archipelago with a vastly impoverished population. People who I witnessed to be the friendliest, even happiest inhabitants on this earth. I have asked myself time and again – how can those who have so little, be so happy? The answer to this and many more questions lie within the pages of this book. Be happy

What makes this book relevant is that the interviewees are real people. Celebrities and non-celebrities. With real stories. And don’t we each have a story?

These people come from all walks of life, varied socio-economic levels,  backgrounds and age groups. So, what makes them authorities on the subject? They refuse to let the world get them down.  I could re-iterate but that would take away from your reading pleasure!

Being Happy Matters

Let’s not just talk about it, let’s make it happen. How? Included in this book are solid, do-able practices to actually attaining happiness.

Heard enough? Purchase the e-book here

Gift it to yourself, gift it to someone who could use it (we all know someone).

When you find yourself having a bad day pick up Peter’s book and re-read another chapter. I promise it will feel good!

And, as Peter says: Discover How The Power of  Joy Will Energize Your Life!

Prefer a paperback? Go to Peter’s website to place your order.
happy matters

Go ahead…

Be Happy! You deserve it!


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