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Celebrating Indeed!

We are celebrating the publication of Another Cocktail Please – our ‘how to’ live an exotic lifestyle book. Pick up your copy today – learn a new way of vacationing!

Having not spent a winter in North America in many years we have perfected the art of long term vacationing. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to enjoyable vacationing without the hiccups, achievable by virtually anyone. Many people wish they could vacation longer than just the typical one week all-inclusive. In fact numerous people have thirty or more days off per year. Others are able to delegate or work via the internet yet most people do not realize that long term vacationing is a very achievable goal.

In this must-have book we describe in detail how we organize our lives to live abroad somewhere different for six months each year. We offer “think outside the box” suggestions as to what might work for you, so that you have more time to travel the world.

See where we have been!

Want to know how Jack got started on this lifestyle of travel, adventure and long term vacations?

You’ll find Jack’s story in the book.

Back of bookmark for Another Cocktail Please

People always ask us how long we are on vacation.  When we reply six months they are amazed, truthfully a bit envious.  Another Cocktail Please demonstrates the tools necessary to break away from monotony to enjoy living life on vacation or working from abroad for any length of time.

Anyone who has ever had the vacation from hell or even been slightly disappointed will appreciate the advice we share. Subjects range from how to decide where to go, not to mention how to negotiate fabulous accommodations in amazing locations. How to stay healthy and safe, staying on budget plus assimilating into a new community. And ultimately living a life of adventure, relaxation, brimming with enjoyment. There is much, much more.

Not limited to people escaping winter – these techniques can be utilized by vacationers going anywhere.  Property owners and managers of second holiday homes can utilize our book to make their rentals more attractive by offering amenities we discuss.

Another Cocktail Please is available through our website, Amazon Worldwide plus a variety of other sites. We are excited about our book -we hope you are too.

Please Join Us in Celebrating!

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