This book is for you!

We’ve written this book with you in mind.

This guide book is a must have for anyone wishing for lengthier, more rewarding holiday experiences. Those new to vacationing or experienced travelers who have had a vacation from hell. Even those who’ve ever been slightly disappointed, will benefit from this book.

Not a destination specific travel book or your teenagers how to backpack. Our essential guide depicts how you can vacation in style, like a pro – anywhere.

How-to live an exotic lifestyle is for everyone searching the internet or browsing through book stores in the Travel, Leisure, Adventure, Guide, How-To, and Lifestyle sections.

You are:

  • Millennials, baby boomers, semi-retired, retired, empty nesters
  • like minded individuals with a sense of adventure looking to break free from societal expectations
  • persons with built up vacation time, can take a sabbatical or jobshare
  • business or seasonal business owners and operators who can shut down or delegate (like us)
  • internet based business operators who can work from anywhere (digital nomads) @SurfOffice
  • stock/day traders (why not work from a new interesting locale?)
  • individuals living off investments, pensions, inheritances or trusts
  • anyone who is seeking advice renting villas, private homes, condominiums or accommodations within a resort development
  • any person feeling stuck in a rut, bored, at a crossroads or transition in life
  • anyone seeking encouragement to trade “FOMO” and “keeping up with the Joneses” for a less materialistic life rich in adventure
  • people who own a principal home or vacation home who wish to swap or rent in order to live in other parts of the world
  • working couples with a great skill set who wish to travel for employment
  • property owners, managers, rental agencies and realtors seeking solid advice
  • budget savvy, middle class or those would-be travelers with unlimited funds
  • parents home schooling their children preferring global life experiences
  • anyone looking to experience a new part of the globe

Written on a broad scope, Another Cocktail Please will assist anyone traveling anywhere. To any climate, no matter the distance or length of time planned. An invaluable tool for those living in the Northern hemisphere traveling south. Or those in the south traveling north, or east, or west. Virtually anyone going anywhere.

Book is for you essential guide to long term vacationing

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